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General - Renew your UK passport. - British Embassies & consulates abroad. - The latest rates of exchange for any currency. - if you need travel insurance - UK and world weather - travel health information



Russia - Russian Consulate in London. - Russia on the Web, the original Russian web directory. - about business, community, travel, culture, shopping and much more.  - hotels in Russia. - hotels in Russia.  - map of Russia. - facts about Russia. - guide to Russian cities and much more.



Belarus  - Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in London.  - Virtual guide to Belarus - history, culture, travel, law, politics and more. -   Business, legal, travel, people, culture, art, news, education, medicine & more. - Map of Belarus. - interesting www site in and about Belarus.



Ukraine - Embassy of Ukraine in the UK. - Ukraine hotels, tourism and travel information. - Complete and comprehensive portal about Ukraine with current news, information, and links to all things Ukrainian. Great site for travelers.


Bulgaria - Embassy of Bulgaria in the UK. - All about Bulgaria. Information, business links and services, entertainment, on-line stores and more. - Almost everything about tourism in Bulgaria.



Mongolia - Embassy of Mongolia in the UK. - Map, culture, geography, people and travel.



China - Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the UK. - An extensive source of information on China. - Daily English-language news about China. - China Internet information center.



India - High Commission of India in London - Interactive map of India with all the States and Union Territories. - information about news, movies, business, sport in India. - website of the Ministry of Tourism with useful information for travellers.



Nigeria - High Commission of Nigeria in London - Information depot on Nigeria and its people.










































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