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General requirements about Passports


British passport holders must obtain a visa before entering Russia. The validity of your passport must be at least 6 months longer than your planned exit date from Russia and with at least one blank visa page.


USA passport holders are required to fill up a separate visa application form electronically. Hand written forms are no longer accepted. .


French passport holders should also enclose copies of their bank statements for the last three months, travel insurance valid in Russia and a copy of their return ticket. French passport holders under 18 years are charged 50% of the consular fee.


German passport holders should apply for a visa to Russian Consulate in Germany (Exception for German passport holders with residence in the UK confirmed by a letter from German Embassy or by special inscription in their passports).



Additional requirements


All passport holders: if you intend to stay in Russia for more than 3 months or if you are applying for Working or Entry visa, you must submit HIV Test (AIDS) Certificate.

Schengen countries, Lithuanian, Estonian and Israeli and other non-British passport holders should enclose a copy of their travel insurance valid in Russia for the whole period of the trip.


Lithuanian passport holders are required to submit bank statements for the last three months and a letter from an employer.


Holders of other non-British passports may be required to provide additional documents. Please contact us before you apply for your visa for further details.


Additional documents may also be requested from British nationals who were born outside the UK.


Please note: Consular visa fees are paid for consideration of your documents and are not refundable. We cannot offer discounts on Consular fees.


Please note: The Russian consulate may change the procedures and requirements. We advice that you contact us to receive updated information before you apply for your visa.




When you enter Russia


Upon your entry in Russia you will be asked to fill in a migration card. Keep it during your trip and return it at the border point when leaving the country.


You should register your visa within three working days of arrival in Russia. If you are staying at a hotel, the hotel administration should automatically register your visa for the period of stay. If you are visiting Russia for less than three days you do not need to register your visa.


If you need help to register your visa please contact us.



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